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New Australian Labradoodle Association L

Welcome to Moogi Labradoodles

Our puppies are raised with Puppy Cultur

We raise our puppies with PUPPY CULTURE, a program based on positive reinforcement strategies and many years of empirical evidence from scientific studies. PUPPY CULTURE is proven to help raise more resilient, adaptive, easily trainable, better adjusted puppies who develop problem solving skills to help them navigate life more successfully. To help you be well prepared when adopting one of our loving, smart, gorgeous puppies, we encourage you to view "Puppy Culture" the film which can be easily streamed via the above link.
Click the image above for further info on the PC program.

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About us...

We are a boutique breeder of multi-generational Australian Labradoodles, only having one or two litters a year.

We choose to be registered members of the Australian Labradoodle Association (ALA) to show how strongly we value ethical breeding methods. and rigorous testing for genetic health and betterment of the breed, all of which is governed and audited by the ALA with penalties imposed should any member not uphold their standards,


Moogi Labradoodles will always put genetic health and temperament at the top of our priority list and strive to improve the longevity, health and temperament of these incredible family members.

All my life I filled my home with rescued animals. Then a life changing event brought me the love of a beautiful Labradoodle who rescued me at my time of need and so the love-affair with the breed began.

Their unconditional love, loyalty and intuitive intelligence is simply addictive. All of my fur babies live inside our home (or that of their very own special forever family home with their chosen guardian); recline in the Lazy Boy, spread out on the couch or snuggle up on our bed, they are everything to us and our puppies will always be born and adored daily in the comfort of our home.

Every breath you take
Every paw you shake
Every stick you break
Every smile you make
We'll be loving you 🐾❤️

Just a thought before you continue any further...

If you can, please adopt, don’t shop. There are so many beautiful fur babies in need of a loving home through no fault of their own but if you just can’t go down that path for whatever reason and need to follow your heart to the love of a Labradoodle please check out our website further.

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Further info

Please email your questions or application form requests (for when we have a litter available).

Perth WA, Australia


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