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Breed standards

Standard =

height at shoulder 53-63cm, weight: 23-30kg.

Medium =

height at shoulder43-52cm, weight: 13-23kg

Mini =

height at shoulder 35-42cm, weight: 7-13kg


Intelligent, very sociable, love to be comical and are real goofballs at times! Absolutely joyful and energetic when free to run and frolic. Yet placid, gentle and loving when handled. Their love of people should be displayed in their manner and this should make them easy to train as they aim to please.

 They are incredibly intuitive towards family members/handlers' emotions and needs, which is why the Australian Labradoodle is a popular breed for special training as assistance dogs to help those with special needs, visiting the elderly or sick in hospital or care homes and helping to support children's learning in the school environment.

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