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Our girls

Pic Alpen Ridge Magical Star.jpg
Our boys

Alpen Ridge Queen of Truffles aka Millie

Those beautiful green eyes look deep into your soul and just capture your heart! Millie is a darling chocolate fleece (with hints of lavender as she gets older), small medium ALF3 Australian Labradoodle. This smoochy little girl has smashed her health tests and we look forward to welcoming her pups in early 2025

Sire: Alpen Ridge Chocolate By Design Dam: Myamba Queen Of Jazz 

Colour: Chocolate/lavender Grade: ALF3

Size: small medium Weight: 11.7kgs Height 45cm Coat: Fleece

ALA Registration Number: 0153-092-09

DNA Profile: 22A157689 Full breed Profile Clear

PennHIP: R 0.40 L 0.38  CHEDS: Elbows: 0 Hips: 5+3=8

Moogi Marvel Electra aka Lucy

This delightful small medium sized, pure AL Australian Labradoodle love bug is a gorgeous girl with a soft red fleece non-shedding coat, who has a truly carefree, loving temperament. We look forward to meeting her beautiful puppies in 2024.

Sire: Sunsethills Eat Your Heart Out Dam: Alpen Ridge I'm So Sweet

Colour: Red  Grade: AL (pure Australian Labradoodle)

Size: small medium Weight: 11.2 kgs Height 45cm Coat: Fleece

ALA Registration Number: 0171-002-07

DNA Profile: 23A116618 Full breed Profile Clear

PennHIP: R 0.31 L 0.29  CHEDS: Elbows: 0 Hips: 3+2=5

Alpen Ridge Magical Star aka Rosie
Our beautiful ALF3 Australian Labradoodle, blue merle mini is mini in stature, but has the heart and personality of a giant! Thanks to Sue at Alpen Ridge Labradoodles for allowing this special, cuddly little girl to join our program. We are delighted to say that Rosie has passed all her health and temperament tests with flying colours and is one of the adored Moogi family home pack.
Sire: Alpen Ridge Blue Lagoon Dam: Alpen Ridge Cuz Ima Star

Colour: Blue merle Grade: ALF3 Size: Mini

Weight: 9.6 kgs Height 38.1cm Coat: Fleece

ALA Registration Number: 0153-038-02 

DNA Profile: Orivet 20K23673 Full breed Profile Clear

PennHIP: R 0.45 L 0.43  CHEDS: Elbows: 0 Hips: 2+4=6



Moogi Dynamic Divas Winnie is a stunning soft fleece, mini girl from Sally's only litter. Winnie has it all, the beautiful loving temperament shared by her Mum, is eager to please and very keen to learn during training. Her fabulous coat is just the softest and is a gorgeous, winning combination of parti, phantom and tri-colour!!! This sweet baby will have her health testing in the Winter of 2024.


Moogi Marvel Hulk aka Bruce

This handsome pure AL Australian Labradoodle boy is a friend to all and gives the best cuddles! His gorgeous soft, red fleece coat is defined as abstract by his little white chest which he displays very proudly, his conformation inherited from his gorgeous Mum Meg. Darling Bruce has passed all health testing with flying colours and we are delighted to meet his first beautiful litter of puppies with the gorgeous Eungai Yoshi in August 2023.

Sire: Sunsethills Eat Your Heart Out Dam: Alpen Ridge I'm So Sweet

Colour: Red abstract Grade: Pure AL

Size: Medium Weight: 13 kgs Height: 49.5cm Coat: Fleece

ALA Registration Number: 0171-002-08

DNA Profile:  Orivet 23M042014 Full breed Profile Clear

PennHIP: R 0.33 L 0.30  CHEDS: Elbows: 0 Hips: 1+1=2

Moogi Sweet Reds Elmo aka Faldo front .heic

Moogi Sweet Reds Elmo aka Faldo

Faldo is so laid-back he's almost horizontal! He's a small-standard size ALF2 Australian Labradoodle. He is such a stunning boy with great conformation, a gorgeous soft deep red fleece coat with a bright splash of white on his chest. His temperament is so divinely chilled and he's adorably affectionate, so not only does he turn heads, he steals hearts too!!! Faldo has great health scores and we can't wait to meet puppies with all the amazing traits of this future Dad!

Sire: Sunsethills Red Cajun Dam: Alpen Ridge I'm So Sweet

Colour: Red abstract Grade: ALF2

Size: Small Standard Weight: 18.7kgs Height: 57.15cm Coat: Fleece

ALA Registration Number: 0171-004-01

DNA Profile:  Orivet  22M042828  Full breed Profile: DM carrier

PennHIP: R 0.32 L 0.29  CHEDS: Elbows: 0 Hips: 3+3=6

Alpen Ridge Bugatti aka Bu (Boo)

Little Bu is such a divine mini, pure AL Australian Labradoodle boy dressed in a super soft caramel fleece coat with the cutest little rose nose and green eyes! He's really blown us away with his incredibly calm, eager-to-learn and unphased-by-anything temperament! Thanks again to Sue at Alpen Ridge Labradoodles for yet another beautiful little star for our program, we love him so much! He flew through his health testing and we can't wait for him to become a fantastic Dad to some very special mini puppies in the future.

Sire: Lion's Mercedes Benz Dam:Alpen Ridge Hollyhock 

Colour: Caramel Grade: AL Pure Australian Labradoodle

Size: Mini Weight: 9.4kg Height: 41.5cm Coat: Fleece

ALA Registration Number: 0153-097-01

DNA Profile:  Orivet 23M073415   Full breed Profile: Clear

PennHIP: R 0.43 L 0.40  CHEDS: Elbows: 0 Hips: 7+8=15

PIC - Alpen Ridge Bugatti_edited.jpg


Alpen Ridge I'm So Sweet aka Meg: (Retired)

Our stunning Meg is the matriarch of Moogi Labradoodles. She is a medium size ALF3 Australian Labradoodle with a gorgeous soft red fleece coat and the sweetest nature you could wish for! Meg has retired now having had 3 stunning litters of puppies all registered with the Australian Labradoodle Association. 


Alpen Ridge Ocean Melody aka Sally

This delightful ALF2 mini Australian Labradoodle is a bundle of love is a stranger to no-one! Her adorable, gentle temperament, rare tri-colour, parti, phantom, sable, soft fleece coat, delightful zest for life and adoration for her guardian family are just some of the amazing qualities we are striving to nurture in our future generations. Sally has passed all of her health and temperament testing.

Sally had one gorgeous litter of puppies in 2023, registered with the Australian Labradoodle Association and is now enjoying retirement with her wonderful Guardian family.

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