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Our Guardian Family Home Program

Thank you for your interest in Moogi Australian Labradoodles’ Guardian Program.


The ideal Guardian Family are those who :

  • Live within a one hour drive of Perth in any direction.

  • Have an adult at home full or part-time, a fully fenced, and safe yard.

  • The ability to feed premium quality food; agree to take out pet insurance; are also prepared to work with the inconvenience of a female having seasons every six months if considering a female puppy.

  • Are willing to take precautions to avoid unwanted pregnancy.

  • Will be willing to share their fur baby with us when it comes to health testing, honeymooning and whelping (females only).


Whelping is a wonderful journey that is shared with our Guardian families as much as possible, and we do all we can to prevent families feeling too separated from their fur babies. 

There is a participation fee of $400 to be the Guardian Family Home for one of our beautiful females, a fraction of the regular pet puppy price. Our Guardian agreement stipulates that our girls return to us for two litters (three with Guardian approval). If any complications arise during pregnancy/whelping that pose a threat to the Mum, our veterinary specialist would be consulted. If a contingency plan could not be put in place for subsequent pregnancies, they would be retired early.  When our girls have had the agreed litters, they're de-sexed by our vet or yours (with breeders approval) at our expense. Full ownership with all papers transferred to you will take place upon our receipt of the desexing certificate from the vet.

Our girls’ first litter is planned as close to their second birthday as nature allows (this gives them a puppyhood and time to grow fully). Subsequent litters are usually planned 12 months apart unless unforeseen circumstances delay. We require our Guardian girls for their health testing at 12 months and then their honeymoon (mating) close to their second birthday but sometimes a little before. We return your Guardian girl to you for four weeks, after which they need an ultrasound scan to see if they are pregnant, then home to you for a further three weeks. One week prior to their due date our pregnant Guardian girls return to us to get settled in and comfortable in readiness for whelping their puppies. We encourage our Guardian families to visit their Guardian girls and puppies once Mums have settled and bonded with their pups and will always keep you updated with photos and videos. Mums stay with us until their pups are weaned around 6-7 weeks old and are then happy to return home to their families. We do not breed our Guardian girls after the age of five years.

The participation fee for one of our gorgeous Guardian boys is $500, they have their health tests around 12 months old, returning home the same day and after that the time away from home is minimal. We may occasionally ask if you are willing to assist with transportation to our Vet to make a deposit for freezing or a “honeymoon” visit, but that would be rare and optional as I always do my best to collect and transport the boys as required. Boys would only come for mating and/or semen collection by the Vet but may require a quicker response with less notice being able to be given if needed for breeding. Boys come to Moogi Labradoodles, visit their intended mate at her home or go to our Vet’s practice for mating and collections for up to a maximum of 5 years of age.  At the end of this period, our boys will be de-sexed by our Vet or yours (by breeders approval) at our expense, the vet will issue a certificate of desexing to the breeder and ownership is transferred to you upon receipt of the certificate by the breeder.  There is no way to estimate how often a boy may be needed, but it's usually not a great deal.

The Guardian Family Home Program places our breeding puppies in pet homes while still participating in the breeding program instead of waiting until retired, as we do not house any of our dogs in kennels.

Benefits to the dog: they are a much loved and valued family member; with all the love and companionship these dogs are bred for. 

Benefits to you:  a top quality, pick of litter, multigenerational Australian Labradoodle from health tested parents as a permanent pet without paying pet price.  Ongoing lifetime support is offered from Moogi Labradoodles to our Guardian and pet homes.


All Health Testing is paid for by Moogi Labradoodles and done around 12 months of age.  All expenses related to breeding/whelping are paid for by Moogi Labradoodles.  Microchip, veterinary exam at the age of 6 weeks and first vaccination are all paid for by Moogi Labradoodles.  Guardians must feed a good quality food in appropriate amounts according to manufacturers’ guidelines (Moogi can supply good quality food at wholesale cost price to their Guardian families), Guardians must take all steps to socialize and train their puppies commencing with age appropriate puppy pre-school and followed by the next stage training with an organisation such as the RSPCA who train using positive reinforcement methods to a Level 1 Obedience Certification, this training is compulsory for the safety of our dogs. We need evidence of this certification and the reassurance that our Guardian dogs will have a good recall and good manners when we need to take them for health testing and honeymooning. We will refund the cost of Puppy Preschool and Level 1 Obedience when you confirm completion by sending a photo or scan of their certificate of completion and supply the receipt/invoice for reimbursement. So with this training refund and wholesale priced food available it’s entirely feasible to recoup the whole fee paid.

A great program for both the dogs and the guardian families!


Guardian Home puppies are selected by the Breeder, as they are the “pick of the litter” puppies.  You are getting the best of the best! The Guardian family can stipulate the size, gender and colour desired but some flexibility may be necessary to avoid a lengthy wait. 

All our puppies are born in our home, handled from the day they are born, and we commence Early Neurological Stimulation from day three, following the Puppy Culture Program to stimulate our puppies’ cognitive growth and promote resilience.  We not only give a two-year guarantee based on the genetic health tests carried out on their parents prior to breeding (detailed in our agreement) but also guarantee our puppies’ temperaments for the first 6 months providing the training previously stated has been adhered to (detailed in our agreement). We have strict requirements when it comes to the temperaments of the breeding dogs in our program and will provide support and advice regarding the training and stimulation required to maintain a consistent and balanced temperament.

Moogi Labradoodles has two exclusions to the above guarantee: dental issues and allergies; both of which can be influenced by environmental and dietary factors beyond our control and are, therefore, the responsibility of the Guardian family.

Guardian Families are also responsible for:

  • Routine vaccinations (after the first vaccination at 6 weeks)

  • Regular worming, flea and tick prevention

  • Regular grooming (including teeth and ear cleaning and claw trimming)

  • All routine or emergency veterinary treatment

  • Pet Insurance

  • Feeding and equipment required during his/her life as would also come with a pet puppy

Moogi Labradoodles will always be available for support and advice on all the above but will only make any arrangements and meet all costs relating to the breeding program itself.

Thank you  for your interest, please email for further information or to apply.

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